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Program Exposure

Gain exposure, fans, and revenue.

Growing your program means growing your audience—of fans, recruiters and sponsors. With NewTek solutions, you can create network-style shows that regional broadcasters want. Or own your own delivery, and live stream your sports directly to your fans. Either way, get ready to grow.

Regional Broadcasting

Once the exclusive domain of higher-tiered teams in elite conferences, regional sports broadcasts are finally in reach of more college programs. NewTek sports solutions are helping mid-tier athletics break through the live video barriers.

With more fans hungry for more content, broadcasters are adding game coverage to capitalize on growing audiences, using multiple video devices. Colleges and conferences that can create professional-looking, highly produced video that meets network brand standards are the ones getting these opportunities. That's where NewTek live sports production solutions are put to work.

TriCaster all-in-one, multi-camera production to create professional television content for broadcast, streaming and video board. 3Play instant replay server for multi-angle replay and clear, crisp slow motion visuals, achieved beautifully on a budget. Alone or combined, the NewTek solution meets industry standards, professional quality, brand requirements and production team goals.

Mid-tier and even smaller-scale programs can use NewTek solutions to expose their program to wider audiences, add new revenue streams for their video content, and give recruiters, alumni and fans easy access to their team.

Live Streaming

Regional sports from colleges, to conferences and clubs—both traditional and emerging—are gaining massive popularity. But with the long-standing impression that high-quality production requires an expensive distribution deal or huge investments in complex equipment, even thinking about earning revenue for producing these has seemed completely out of reach. Now's the time to change that.

NewTek live sports solutions open doors to streaming multiplatform delivery, and put it into the reach of teams that want to monetize their own programming and save money doing it, helping them grow their audiences and reach their fans everywhere.

With the TriCaster multi-camera production system, anyone can create professional, television-style productions and share them live. A unified workflow incorporates the entire production process, from camera mixing with 3D animated transitions and effects, to preproduced packages and branded titles and graphics, into a single, compact workstation.

Now the smallest production teams can access industry-standard, multi-camera production, television-quality visuals, and integrated components that orchestrate the full streaming production from lens, to screen, without missing a single angle of the action.