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Broadcast / Webcast

Go Places.

TriCaster gives you the ability to be flexible. In the studio. Or on the road. Deliver affordable live broadcasts and webcasts from any location. Expand your coverage. Distribute your unique content to a broadcast network, Web or projector. And record. Do it all. All at once. Deliver the quality programming your viewers expect. Local. Or worldwide.

Enhance your live production experience with:

  • Systems small enough to fit in a backpack for on-the-go production
  • Rack mount systems for in-studio production
  • Multi-camera live switching
  • Simultaneous broadcast, live stream, project and record capability
  • TriCaster live virtual sets to deliver network-style programming from a limited space
  • Convenient set up and tear down
  • Easy-to-learn operation

Optimize your investment.

Make the most of your live production. Every time. Produce a live stream of activities. Add interviews, practice sessions, backstage action, and more.

Additional program offerings deliver:

  • Increased advertising revenues and sponsorship opportunities
  • Expanded market reach through the Web
  • Captivate your audience with a behind-the-velvet rope experience
  • More leverage for your live broadcast and webcast investments

TriCaster gives you the flexibility to produce and deliver live video. Anywhere. Affordably. Imagine what you can do. Then deliver the unimaginable.