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Worship / Venues

Spread the word – with the power of TriCaster in the house.

Let your message resound, reverberate, and resonate to the masses. TriCaster is portable, practical and simple to operate. One person or a small team can do it all. It's affordable. And small enough to fit in a backpack. So you can handle any size production, in any size venue, on any size budget. Deliver your message or show to the Web, projector, or local broadcast outlet. All at once. You can even record at the same time. So everyone gets a front-row seat.

Enhance your live production experience with:

  • Small systems for on-the-go production
  • Audio mixing, with real-time output to video
  • Easy-to-learn operation
  • Video layers
  • Titling
  • Slow motion and other special effects
  • Windows® PowerPoint® displays

Super simple set-up.

TriCaster sets up within minutes of opening the box with an easy-to-follow Quick Start Guide. Connect the cables. Plug in cameras. You're ready to produce in minutes.

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