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Brand Extension

Extend your brand.

Create new revenue opportunities by extending your brand. Produce pre-game shows, post-game shows, coaches shows, and fan extras. Leverage streaming video, your team’s website and social media to build a deeper relationship with your fans. It’s all possible with NewTek solutions.

Second Screens

Streaming your sport is the first step to growing audiences. But watching the game is only half the engagement. Sports producers know they need to give audiences a separate experience—a shareable one.

It's now part of the total sports fan engagement, whether viewing games online, sharing likes and posts with friends, or using a tablet to follow the game's behind-the-scenes action while watching the live game on TV.

With NewTek live sports production solutions, you can manage the entire viewer experience on every screen. Start with the all-in-one TriCaster system to produce network-style streaming coverage affordably, and the breakthrough 3Play multi-camera replay server to punch up the drama with crisp slow motion and instant playback. Then give fans even more. Use one-button publishing to grab dramatic frames from any angle and publish them to social media sites with your message, instantly—post the highlight clip during halftime.

NewTek production solutions allow you to provide your sports content directly to your fans' community sites. Now you can manage your brand's social chatter, and turn your hashtags and mentions into the trending water cooler conversation that sports fans are clamoring for in record numbers.

Pre, Post and Behind the Scenes

Teams who have already established a live viewing audience for their home games don't stop entertaining them after the final whistle. For one thing, they want to reward their viewers' loyalty and keep them tuning in. And for another, there's a whole globe of potential new sports fans out there to woo.

With NewTek, the hometown franchise can now dominate the away game and the pre-game, post-game, and fan extras, too.

TriCaster multi-camera production systems integrate all the production components required to produce a live, professional television program in small spaces like sidelines and vans. Create the titles and graphics, a virtual set, and a visual treatment that reflect the brand, and deliver them to fans hungry for team and athlete interaction, shared to their social networks, streamed to their devices, and capturing the stadium excitement while they watch from home. Brands can now grow their fan base anywhere in the world.

By providing the tools to extend their brand across multiple programs—elegantly and consistently—NewTek sports production solutions enable these teams to build relationships with their fans and a community that expands far beyond the borders of the playing field.