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3Play 440

Monitors not included

Approach every production with absolute confidence.

The NewTek IP Series 4-Stripe Control Panel is the tactile interface that connects you to the systems, devices, software, and sources that form your interconnected production environment. Paired with the Video Mix Engine over your network, the 4-Stripe Control Panel delivers consummate control of the most sophisticated productions under the most demanding of circumstances.

4-Stripe Control Panel

4-Stripe Control Panel

Expertly Engineered

Meticulously crafted for performance and style, the 4-Stripe Control Panel combines the comprehensive functionality, precision controls, premium hardware mechanics, and ergonomic design that operators demand with the visually arresting aesthetic that executives covet.

4-Stripe Control Panel

Functionally Sound

  • Responsive, multi-bus operation of any Video Mix Engine on the network with four, independently assignable control stripes
  • Intuitive, multi-source video mixing with 72 total crosspoints per stripe (arranged in three, 24-button banks) and dynamic LCD label displays
  • Decisive, manual control of multiple functions with four, multi-mode T-bars supporting variable illumination, and two multi-purpose 3-axis joysticks
  • Inclusive command of real-time video operations, including convenient, fingertip access to media, COMPs, MEMs, and macros