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Video Mix Engine

Video Mix Engine

Live switching—without limits.


The nucleus of your interconnected production workflow.

Rethink connectivity, creativity and performance with the definitive platform for modern video production: the NewTek IP Series Video Mix Engine. Powered by NewTek’s industry-leading, software-driven live production technology, the Video Mix Engine is where the systems, devices, applications, and sources in your workflow converge for mixing, compositing, and delivery with incomparable configuration and control.

The future is now.

The NewTek IP Series Video Mix Engine

Newtek Video Mix Engine

Transformative production for inspired storytelling.

Embrace the new era of live production, integrating the Video Mix Engine into your current infrastructure to transition seamlessly to hybrid SDI/IP or exclusively IP workflows. With the Video Mix Engine driving your video operations, your productions will no longer be defined by the limits of conventional equipment, technology, and processes—but by your vision, imagination, and ingenuity.

Software-Driven Live Production of Epic Proportions

Newtek Video Mix Engine

  • Scalable, multi-source live video mixing of 64 source channels, each supporting key and fill, including 44 simultaneous external inputs
  • Flexible, multi-destination delivery with 44 multi-format video outputs, including 4 produced outputs delivered simultaneously over SDI and IP
  • Powerful, multi-bus mix effects, with 8 M/E busses and PREVIZ configuration and preview bus, all supporting zero-latency video re-entry
  • Superior stored media playback capabilities, with a total of 75 real-time multimedia players supporting an array of file formats
  • Fully integrated quad-head multiviewer functionality, with dedicated monitor ports, configurable workspaces, and customizable windows
  • Comprehensive audio integration, including 16 external audio mixer inputs and 4 x 8 x 8 channel routing to 4 audio mix outputs
Advanced IP

Advanced IP

  • Native integration of NDITM, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, supporting video, audio, and data transmission over IP with near-zero latency
  • Support for up to 44 input sources and 35 output signals over IP, all independently configurable through software
  • Instant access to and seamless interchange with virtually unlimited IP sources from anywhere across your network in real time
  • Prolific IP-based workflow supporting integration with products from hundreds of manufacturers and developers, and compatibility with other IP standards including ASPEN and SMPTE 2022

Multi-Destination Delivery

Newtek Video Mix Engine

Unmatched Integration

  • Robust multi-format processing and per-channel frame synchronizers for effortless intermixing of formats, resolutions, and frame rates
  • Sophisticated macro automation system with versatile control interface compatibility
  • Intuitive, software-based audio mixer accommodating digital, analog and network audio, including DanteTM*, and per-input DSP configuration
  • Extended video mixing and delivery via built-in 8 x 72 NDI video router with local crosspoint control

* Requires Dante Virtual Soundcard license from Audinate® (sold separately)

Advanced IP

Endlessly Creative

  • Full-motion composition engine integrated into every production bus for advanced DVE motion sequences and animated effects
  • Incredibly clean, comprehensive keying of all sources and M/Es with LiveMatteTM chromakeying technology
  • Show-stopping live virtual sets and show-stealing augmented reality elements via integrated LiveSetTM technology
  • Rich, multi-channel titling and graphics system, including automated or on-demand retrieval and display of real-time data with built-in DataLinkTM
  • Complete video configuration toolset, including proc amp settings, automatic color correction, scaling, positioning, cropping, and more

Comprehensive Turnkey Technology.

Rise to the challenges of today’s productions and tomorrow’s demands, advancing your workflow with the most real-time, integrated capabilities of any production engine.

  • Multi-Channel Recording
  • Live Streaming
  • Social Media Export
  • Still Image Grab
  • Video Replay
  • Waveform/Vectorscope

Newtek Video Mix Engine