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Important information – needs fast, reliable delivery.

Especially when the news needs to reach a large audience. Many government agencies and organizations use TriCaster to relay emergency and pertinent news. Get information to your constituents - immediately. With TriCaster, your council meetings, agency training, national conferences, and disaster and vital information can be produced and delivered live to the Web, video and projector. Plus, you can record for later viewing. TriCaster is dependable and cost-effective.

Enhance your live production experience with:

  • Systems small enough to fit in a backpack for on-the-go production
  • Rack mount systems for in-studio production
  • Multi-camera live switching
  • Custom titles and graphics
  • Audio mixing
  • Windows® PowerPoint® displays

Optimize your communications.

TriCaster is compact and convenient to set up in any environment. The intuitive interface is straightforward and easy to operate. Streaming supports both Windows Media® and Flash®. And, TriCaster live virtual sets allow you to deliver network-style programming from a limited space.

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